The following transcriptions, are of original diaries, extracts, are from original war diaries and the service histories of both men, and are compiled from both the above sources, and from their own service records.

8th Infantry Battalion is compiled taking extracts from the original war diaries of the 8th Canadian Infantry Battalion, which are available to read on-line at The document only contains extracts of the diaries during the time that Lt. B.J. Green served in the trenches.

Letter from Ypres is a transcription of a letter, written by Lt. B.J. Green, shortly after the gas attack near Ypres on 22nd April 1915, he describes to his mother, his thoughts, and reassures her that he is well.

Lt. B.J. Green is a compilation of details, taken from his service record, diaries and census returns, it offers a potted life history up to the end of his service career.

My army life is the transcription of a personal diary, written by Pte. W. Pfeffer in 1921, about some of his WW1 experiences.

Pfeffer is a time line for the above diary.

Autobiography of B.J. Green is a transcription of his own autobiography, written as a book, and later re-written for possible broadcast on radio. This transcription is made of the first original draught, with only a few paragraphs from the second, added towards the end to complete his story. A wonderful insight into the thoughts of a man and his journeys, through life, and his experiences of war, - the story of a remarkable man.

Transcription of the diary of Walter Pfeffer, this diary was written as it happened in 1920.

Walter Richard Pfeffer is the service history of this man, again taken from diaries, service records and with the invaluable help of Mr Jim Parker, the man in the know for the history of the Machine Gun Corps and its men.

I must thank the family and descendants of the above two Soldiers, for allowing me unlimited access to private and treasured artifacts, including the letters and diaries, that I was privileged to be allowed to read.

Stewart Bird


Both these diaries are in the Imperial War Museums Archive Department,

Stewart Bird was a local historian and worked to collect all the content for this website, unfortunately Stewart died in November 2005 and some of this work has not been finished or updated.

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